HEPA Air Purifier – Best Air Purifier For Your Home

The Honeywell 50250 HEPA Best Air Purifier awesome in-built HEPA filter captures 99.9% of all airborne particulates, while a smart 360 degrees air intake easily clears the air in rooms up to 370 square feet. Pet dander, allergens and dust mites don’t stand a chance with this well built unit.

Equipped with an Intelli-Check electronic filter monitor and double filtration system, the Honeywell 50250 HEPA best air purifier notifies you when you need to clean or replace your filters. Double Filter system is comprised of a carbon impregnated prefilter and a Hepa fileter which is easily cleaned with a vacuum filter.

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Honeywell 50250 HEPA Best Air Purifier Features

  • Reusable Hepa Filter – captures airborne particulates with ease and easily cleaned with a vacuum Cleaner;
  • Smart Intelli-Check Technology – allows for carefree use, notifies you when it’s time to clean the filters;
  • 360 degree air intake – for improved efficiency;
  • SurroundSeal Technology – prevents the air from leaking and making sure it flows through both the filters;
  • 0.3 Micron Particle Removal;
  • Sleep Mode – ensures quiet operation even when you sleep;

Honeywell 50250 HEPA Air Purifier Customer Feedback

There’s been a flood of great reviews on Amazon concerning this product. Most customers would agree that it is an inexpensive air purifier that gets the job done in large rooms effectively. The customers seem to appreciate the fact that the filters are easily cleaned and reusable, saving you a good amount of money over time. They also praised the Intelli-Check feature because it tells them exactly when they should clean the filters, taking out guesswork out of the equation.

The biggest concern customers complained about is that the unit is rather noisy. Even at the lowest setting, this unit cannot be used in the bedroom while you sleep. This can easily be avoided by using unit in the room before you go to sleep.

All in all, this is a well built unit that does exactly what it says. The customers say so. It does wonders for large rooms, but if you want to use Honeywell 50250 HEPA Best Air Purifier in your bedroom, you should do so before you go to sleep.

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