Alen A350 HEPA Air Purifier

With the ability to clean the air in an 800 square feet area, the Alen A350 HEPA  Air Purifier is a really powerful best air purifier. Since it is equipped with the HEPA filter, it removes more than 97% of airborne particles with ease. It easily filters all the common allergens and provides you with clean air. The actual filter in this unit is comprised of two filters; one is HEPA and the other is carbon pre-filter. Combined together, these filters successfully remove pet dander, pollen,dust and other impurities.

Even though Alen A350 HEPA Air Purifier is powerful, it is really frugal, which is why it is Energy Star approved.If you have

limited floor space, this unit can be mounted on a wall so it doesn’t take up more of your precious space. It also comes with an in-built Ionizer that eliminates germs and is equipped with an on/off switch.

It features a twelve hour timer,four-speed fan, an air filter change indicator and an easy to use digital display.

Alen A350 Air Purifier Features

  1. HEPA filter – effectively removes over 97% of airborne allergens;
  2. Built-In Ionizer – for further efficiency and without ozone release;
  3. Digital Display – with easy to use controls;
  4. Air Filter Change Indicator;
  5. 4-Speed, 12 Hour Timer;

Wall Mountable – saves your limited space.

HEPA Air Purifier

Alen A350 HEPA Air Purifier Customer Feedback

This air purifier received glowing reviews. Many of the customers stated that they experienced a substantial reduction in allergy symptoms after using this unit. One customer said that she’s finally able to breathe through her nose after using this air purifier.

The customers stated that the Alen A350 HEPA Air Purifier is really easy to use and they liked the how this unit can be mounted on a wall. The unit is quiet on lower settings but louder on higher ones. customers said that they used lower settings when they’re home and higher ones when they’re out.A few customers said that the price tag is a bit steep but that this is a quality unit and does a great job. Customers said that this air purifier is pretty loud when set to high speed.

In conclusion, we feel that the Alen A350 HEPA Air Purifier is a quality product that does exactly what it says. The customers seem to agree. If you’re OK with the slightly louder noise levels and its price tag, then this unit is for you.

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