Homemade Air Freshener

Products that freshen up room are available in stores, but more individuals still prefer getting homemade air freshener to maintain that natural feel.

Homeowners who tried such products are satisfied with how their homemade freshener products worked for their homes.

If it is your first time to hear about this concept of making your own air freshener at home, don’t sweat it as it is not complicated. You can following several tips or basic rules in creating your own homemade air freshener.


Here you get the ingredients : Orange Oil, Rosemary Oil, Peppermint Oil, clove oil – Vodka and distilled water,  you certainly home at your home.

Let the ingredient work as is

The concept of homemade air freshener is regarded as the process of mixing your own fragrance blend. However, some ingredients are something that you can’t make at home like essential oils. Essential oils are fragrance or essences extracted from various ingredients like chamomile, eucalyptus, etc. The process of extracting them can be daunting, but to save time and money, you can easily obtain them from stores.

Once you obtain these (read more about) –> essential oils, you’re on your way in making you on DIY air freshener by using the product on its own. No special blends, but simply put several drops of essential oil to toilet paper rollers or in the toilet bowl before using it. Spray it inside the bathroom or living room and you already have a simple yet effective air freshener.

Mix several ingredients together

The best air fresheners sold in stores are also made from numerous ingredients. The only difference is obtaining the final product in forms of spray or scented oils. Attain the same blend by mixing several ingredients used for freshening up homes.

Aside from essential oils, buy potpourris like cedar chips, dried petals, or cinnamon barks. They have their natural scents, but it is best to settle for unscented choices so you can add in essential oil to attain the scent that you prefer. Placing several drops of oil to baking soda also works as effective air purifier and fragrance.

Work with water

Adding essential oil to water also works best as air freshener spray inside your house. Blend in five to eight drops of oil to water and put it in a handheld spray. If you have an old warmer unit from a previously used air freshener, transfer the homemade air freshener of water and oil in the container and plug in outlets.

Heating also helps

Heating your homemade air freshener are also effective in coming up with fresh scent circulating inside your house. Get an aromatherapy burner and heat the essential oil. This both freshen your home while adding aesthetic design.

Remember that the contents of the best air freshener promoted in stores also undergo heating or processing. You can also do this at home by simmering fruits and essential herbs in water for several minutes. This lets scented air circulate while giving you an air freshener solution stored inside your house.

Owning a homemade air freshener is something that will keep your home smelling great at a price. Moreover, you have a customized scent that you want to retain inside your home.R

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