3 Simple Homemade Recipes For Room Air Fresheners

The internet offers you more than 3 simple homemade recipes for room air fresheners if you want to attain a personalized scent for your home. Naturally, many of the best air fresheners are sold at cheap prices online, but there’s no problem in wishing to use a unique scent.

Obtaining your dream scent is possible with these 3 simple homemade recipes for room air fresheners. They are easy to create at home and with affordable ingredients found at home or in stores.

3 Simple Homemade Recipes For Room Air Fresheners – Simple Fragrant Spray

Essential oils play a vital role in coming up with your homemade air freshener. Choose your essential oil fragrance from stores and use it for making a spray. The good thing about these oils is they can still be useful for other air fresheners that you want to experiment on in the future. Simply keep them in good storage and they will be ready for your next use.

In making a spray, you need to have the essential oil ready as well as distilled water. The amount of water can be around a cup or more depending on what you need. You may also consider the volume of fluid your spray can hold. Pour several drops of your chosen essential oil until you attain the scent that suits your preference. Remember that you’re not limited to use a single essential oil as you can blend several types for better effect.

Once all the contents are in the spray, place the sprayer’s nozzle head and shake it properly to combine ingredients. It is now ready for use.

Some individuals are not only after promoting great scent. They are after complete deodorizing due to various odor causes like pet stains or molds. Adding baking soda to this mixture will do the job like wonder.

3-Simple-Homemade-Recipes-For-Room-Air-Fresheners3 Simple Homemade Recipes For Room Air Fresheners – Potpourri Bowls in a Jiffy

Potpourri scented bowls are perhaps the easiest homemade air freshener to make. All you need is the essential oil and dried potpourris like dried petals, cinnamon bark, and others. Place all the dried potpourris in a bowl and then pour an ample amount of essential oil. A little toss and your potpourri bowl is good to go.

The good thing about potpourris is you can make your own dried ingredients at home. Get some fruit peels or herbs and let them dry. Follow the same procedures and save money on potpourris.

3 Simple Homemade Recipes For Room Air Fresheners – Simmered Air Fresheners

The best air freshener may be available in sprays, but some of them need to be heated in order to work well. Simmered air fresheners are easy to do. Combine water, essential oil, some fruits or peels, herbs and let them simmer for several minutes. This is deal in deodorizing air in your kitchen or living room.

With these 3 simple homemade recipes for room air fresheners, you’ll take pleasure on a cleaner house, not only because of daily cleaning, but by promoting fresher air to breathe.

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