Recipes for Homemade Air Fresheners

Perfect recipes for homemade air fresheners guarantee you’ll have your preferred scent diffused inside your house.

The good thing about being your own air freshener maker is the procedures’ simplicity and availability of the ingredients.

Taking the challenge of blending your own recipes for homemade air fresheners becomes simpler as long as you know the essential ingredients or materials that breathe freshness air to your house. Here are some of the key components most often used in making homemade air fresheners.

Homemade Air FreshenersEssential oils

Essential oils are extracts from various resources and work as the key fragrance component. They came from herbs, fruits, flowers and other natural components that are guaranteed to rejuvenate the air you breathe inside your house. Commercial air fresheners also utilize these oils.

With the popularity of recipes for homemade air fresheners, essential oils are currently available in stores at affordable prices.


Vodka is a star on tables during drinking parties or celebrations. However, many people ask why majority of recipes for homemade air fresheners include this in the ingredients list. Oil and water, which is also a crucial component in blending air fresheners, don’t bind when observed by the naked eye. Evidently, both components bind although their bonds between their compounds are not as potent as they should. This is where alcohol like vodka comes in. Alcohol aids in binding their components better, which aid in diffusing fragrance from oil as water evaporates in air.

Distilled water

Essential oil has remarkable, concentrated scent. However, their ability to disperse with air is not maximized given the oil’s property. This is where water comes in. Its component evaporates and diffuses easily. With alcohol binding their components, you’re guaranteed that your home will smell cleaner and fresher in no time.

Baking soda

Baking soda has the ability to deodorize, which makes them popular among people who have pets. Together with the right cleaning material, pet owners can eliminate pet stain and odor through this product. Since the process is also somewhat similar to the process of deodorizing air, baking soda becomes a famous ingredient in recipes for homemade air fresheners. Several teaspoons in a small spray bottle or diffuser work wonders in dealing with musty scent in the air.

Air freshener-specific ingredients or materials

Some ingredients are designed for specific recipes for homemade air fresheners. The first four ingredients can be used in various types of air fresheners, but several materials can only be used for certain types. For instance, dried potpourris are used for room or bathroom potpourris. Reeds or wicks are only used for oil reed diffusers. Other products can be found in stores, which make creating your own air freshener easier than the usual.

Keep in mind that the best air freshener is something that should meet your requirements. Through simple recipes for homemade air fresheners posted online, you will definitely come up with the scent that makes your home cozier than before. Enjoy your home while relaxing due to the therapeutic effect fresh air brings to people.


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